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How Workday Partnered with BetterUp to Support People Leaders

Workday has grown at a rapid pace since the company’s inception and faced the same challenge experienced by nearly every high-growth company: a tension between growth and culture. 

To protect and nurture its special culture, Workday reached out to BetterUp for leadership coaching. In partnership with Workday, BetterUp introduced an initial pilot program focused on people managers, with the goal of helping Workday support and grow its people leaders in the future, by bringing all of its employees into its values system quickly, and ensuring that people leaders were truly growing and leading in alignment with Workday’s culture.

“I’ve had managers pull me aside and tell me that the program has changed their life, that they see things in a different way, and that BetterUp has given them the skills to unlock new ideas. They’ve said that it’s now hard for them to imagine what life was like before they began work with their Coach.”

SVP, People & Performance Evangelist, Workday