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The 5 skills new managers need to succeed

An estimated 50% of new managers fail within their first year on the job.¹ Of the 50% who don’t outright fail, most ‘flail ’— learning by trial and error to move slowly up the competency curve.2

Becoming a manager is an important milestone in an individual's career and a make-or-break stage for your organization's talent development. New managers need a host of new skills to succeed. While training seminars and boot camps can equip new leaders with information and technical skills, the ongoing development of critical interpersonal skills to inspire, coach, and lead teams is proven to pay more significant long-term dividends. 

For each of the 5 needed skills, we share:

  • Why new managers need it
  • How to build it
  • How to put it into action

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2 Inc. Magazine, The Easy Way to Help a New Manager Succeed, 2015