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3 Part Series with Josh Bersin

Resilience: The leadership skill for thriving in a post-COVID-19 world

Join us for an exclusive three-part webinar experience with Josh Bersin that's designed to help professionals adapt and thrive in an era of remarkable change. Brought to you in partnership with Josh Bersin Academy, this special three part series offers an unprecedented first look at the emerging psychology-based research and practices that individuals and organizations will need in order to cultivate next-level resilience during these extraordinary times.

Immediate Access to All 3 Parts of the Series

PART 1: The State of Resilience in Today’s Workforce Do your leaders have the resilience required to thrive in a post-COVID-19 world? Results from the latest research may surprise you.
Part 2: Unlocking Resilience: Tapping into the power of positive psychology Building a highly-resilient workforce is no longer an option. But where do you begin and can positive psychology really help?
Part 3: The Coaching Advantage: Building resilience, agility, and adaptability he benefits of 1:1 coaching are well known. But can coaching actually make a difference in times like these? The data tells an almost unbelievable story.