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Redefining Leadership: Mars on investing in the well-being and happiness of people

Whether your employees are in Tokyo or Topeka, you want to provide a great leadership development experience. Join Jeanne Meister and Summer Davies, Global Senior Manager of Leadership Development at Mars, Inc., for an exploration of the shifting needs in leadership development. You’ll hear what Mars, a family-owned global pet care, confectionery, and food business, with 11,000 managers worldwide and 2,000 first-time managers each year, is doing to prepare its next generation of leaders.

You will learn:

  • How to create localized experiences that advance your global culture and L&D goals
  • How science — when used correctly — is revolutionizing L&D outcomes
  • The evidence-based benefits of 1:1 coaching for new managers


Global Sr. Manager, Leadership Development, Mars, Inc.

Founding Partner, Future Workplace