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How to create a change ready organization to prepare for the unpredictable

Across industries, organizations are preparing for an uncertain and unpredictable future. But while some teams buckle under the weight of perpetual change, others use it as a catalyst for continuous growth and rapid innovation. The difference? Leading organizations ensure their workforce is change ready.

This conversation with your peers will focus on tangible ways organizations can transform into continuous learning machines, upskill employees to unlock their maximum potential, and foster a culture that encourages problem-solving and risk-taking.

You will learn how to : 

  • Build adaptability and resilience into your workforce

  • Empower your employees to do more with less

  • Use change as a tool to out-innovate the competition

Meet the speakers

Adam Massman Global Executive Director for L&D at JLL
Christina Lomax VP, Talent & Development at Compass Group USA