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      How Resilience Fuels Business Growth and Transformation

      Watch this discussion with Shonna Waters - BetterUp's VP of Customer Solutions, and Stacy Eng, Chevron’s Chief Learning & Talent Officer, as they share key insights from BetterUp's study and bring to life how human-centered companies, like Chevron, are taking action to build employee resilience at scale.  

      What you will take away from this discussion:

      • Research-backed findings to strengthen your business case for investing in resilience
      • Stories of impact and growth from human-centered companies, including Chevron
      • Proven strategies to develop and measure resilience in individuals, teams, and organizations

      Meet the speakers

      Stacy Eng Chief Learning and Talent Officer Chevron
      Shonna Waters VP, Customer Solutions BetterUp

      Why do some companies struggle during times of change while others adapt, innovate and emerge stronger? In a landmark study on resilience conducted during the global pandemic, BetterUp uncovered that resilient companies show higher revenue growth, elevated levels of innovation, and lower employee burnout.

      How Resilience Fuels Business Growth and Transformation

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