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The Future-Minded Leader: a micro-learning series

Through ground-breaking research, BetterUp discovered one key mindset that can help individuals and organizations thrive in uncertainty. Join the authors of the report, Andrew Reece, Erin Eatough, and Adam Wood, as they guide you through a 6-part video series to provide the mindset, skill set and toolset to become a future-minded leader.

What is a Future-Minded Leader?

More than ever before, the future feels uncertain and opaque, and it's hard to plan for what's ahead. The pandemic shined a spotlight on unpredictability and our lack of control. And it's clear that the past is no longer a reliable compass to help us navigate a path forward. But envisioning and planning our future is vital to us all as individuals and essential for organizations. What does it take to thrive in today's uncertainty? We discovered one key mindset that can help.

Through our research of over 2,500 US workers, we found that individuals who can balance optimistic action with thoughtful pragmatism, and create space to reflect on and ready themselves for potential outcomes, tend to be more successful, hopeful, and less stressed than their peers. We call these individuals Future-Minded Leaders. Future-minded leadership isn't about predicting a certain future. It's about preparing for multiple possible futures along with the roadblocks and setbacks that may occur along the way. This is more than just having a plan B. Future-Minded Leaders use their psychological cognitive and emotional resources to. envision many different future states and possible paths to get there.

Future-minded leadership isn't relegated to just our work lives. It's increasingly beneficial to our personal lives. Future mindedness is necessary to see the bigger picture, give us more confidence to navigate complexity on the fly, and it readies and steadies us to be less reactive and overwhelmed when things inevitably change. These are crucial skills to overcome uncertainty in and out of the workplace. Learn more in our microlearning series or get the full report to discover how Future-Minded Leaders are reshaping their organizations and their lives.