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Deloitte: Unlocking Human Potential (The “Roots & Shoots” Framework)

Watch Duleesha Kulasooriya and Maggie Wooll of the Deloitte Center for the Edge in a discussion of their report “Unlocking Human Potential: Proactive practices for individual elasticity.”

We know that the world is changing rapidly, both is global terms and in our day-to-day lives: constantly evolving technology, social media, and always-on global connectivity give us more options and power than ever to meet our needs and pursue our goals. Yet, ironically, we are struggling with the very world we have created.

Shrinking time spans and an accelerating pace of business make this a time of increasing stress and unpredictability for employers, employees, and individuals. We need new practices, and new ways of looking at old practices, to shift the paradigm from stress and survival to excitement and vitality.

You’ll walk away from this discussion knowing:

  • How employers have a role to play by supporting their workforce and encouraging individuals to adopt and connect practices that support well-being and growth.
  • How proactive practices and selected tools may help your employees connect with their purpose and passion to better support individual and institutional goals in a world of constant change.


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