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Ask An Expert: What Football Teaches Us About Building Agile Teams

Deloitte’s 2017 Human Capital Trends study found 94% of companies think “agility and collaboration” are critical to their organization’s success, yet only 6% said say they are “highly agile today.” In today’s wildly unpredictable business world, agility wins. Companies that transform at the core outperform the competition. So why aren’t more actively building agility into their organizational design and strategy?

Join former NFL Tight End Damian Vaughn, PhD, Chief Programs Officer at BetterUp, for an eye-opening discussion that explores what the game of football teaches us about building highly agile and resilient teams in rapidly changing work environments. Damian will answer as many of your questions as possible, so be sure to submit your question ahead of time.

You’ll walk away from this discussion knowing:

  • What lessons American football offers corporations seeking to beat the competition.
  • Why organizational agility is critical to success in today’s unpredictable business environment.
  • How to create individual buy-in to push transformation forward.


Chief Programs Officer