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Ask An Expert: Research-Backed Ways to Support New Manager Development

Despite the investments HR has made in manager development, only 12% of learners apply new skills from trainings to their jobs. Most people simply go back to the status quo, never making the shift to a new way of being.

Join BetterUp Behavioral Scientist Naomi Arbit, PhD, MAAP, for this 45-minute online discussion on how to enhance your new manager development program to effectively make learning stick.

You’ll walk away from this discussion with:

  • A research-informed perspective on the nature of the challenge facing new managers and their organizations.
  • New insights into how pivotal the role of new managers is (even more so) in the future workplace.
  • Knowing what’s top of mind for your peers as they struggle to shift from a culture of “managing performance” to “developing people as human beings”.


Behavioral Scientist, BetterUp