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The new workplace: How to help people thrive during change

Join NYT bestselling author and celebrated Wharton professor, Adam Grant, Chevron’s Rhonda Morris, and BetterUp CEO, Alexi Robichaux, to learn what today’s leading organizations are doing to empower their people to perform at their best. We’ll explore the behavioral skills and mindsets needed to achieve peak performance during times of constant change.

During this BetterUp Event, you will discover:

  • Evidence-based methods to help employees grow through adversity
  • Proven ways to cultivate key resilience, optimism, and self-compassion
  • How to ensure your people stay highly engaged and productive

Meet the speakers

Adam Grant New York Times Bestselling Author and host of the WorkLife podcast
Rhonda Morris Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Chevron
Alexi Robichaux Co-Founder and CEO, BetterUp

We’re experiencing change like never before. At home. At work. While some organizations are struggling, others are thriving. Why?

Join us for an exclusive webinar on how to help people thrive in the new workplace, featuring Adam Grant and Chevron's VP and CHRO, Rhonda Morris.

The new workplace: How to help people thrive during change

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