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3 ways to prevent and reduce burnout

Burnout has been trending up for years due to shifts to working styles, rapid evolution of technology, declines in work-life balance, and new demands on our time. Today it’s at an all-time high, with more than half of workers reporting feeling burned out.1

Fortunately, burnout is preventable, and for employees already dealing with burnout, there are ways to mitigate it and recover. BetterUp data show organizations that invest in reducing burnout and building more resilient teams see the results in their bottom line.

This guide will detail three key steps to help organizations reduce and prevent worker burnout and increase resilience in their teams.

  • Learn to identify burnout
  • Cultivate key mindsets and behaviors
  • Empower managers to lead by example

1 Indeed, Employee Burnout Report: COVID-19’s Impact and 3 Strategies to Curb It, March 2021