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      Deep diversity beyond Pride Month

      Join us for a conversation with Tan France, star of Queer Eye on Netflix, and Matthew Harris, Partner and NY Office LGBTQ Champion, Bain & Company, to learn why now, more than ever, expression of deep diversity drives innovation, and more importantly, enables all of your employees to thrive.

      You will learn how to:

      • Cultivate a culture of true belonging 

      • Promote and represent deep diversity so all talent can thrive

      • Recognize and explain how intersectionality impacts innovation

      Meet the speakers

      Tan France Fashion designer and star of the Emmy award-winning Netflix reboot Queer Eye
      Matthew Harris Partner and NY Office LGBTQ Champion, Bain & Company
      Amber Burkhart Senior Behavioral Scientist, BetterUp

      In a culture of true diversity, representation goes beyond gender and race. Cultivating deep diversity fosters inclusion and the authentic expression of your diverse workforce.

      How do we create a culture of diversity that goes beyond the surface? True diversity is more than the aspects of a person that you can see. It’s the stories we tell, the communities we grew up in, and the ways we chose to express ourselves when we are most comfortable.

      Deep diversity beyond Pride Month

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